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How will Google's latest mobile-friendly update affect your website?

On April 21, Google finally launched the mobile-friendly algorithm update that they have been warning about for last two months. Even though there will inevitably be websites that lose a significant amount of traffic, this update is not intended to punish any single site. The primary motivation behind this change is Google’s desire to improve user experience for all mobile users.  Read More


One More Thing - The Apple Watch

After years of speculation, rumours and second guessing, the long awaited wearable device from Apple was announced by Tim Cook, the Apple Watch. Read More


British craftsmanship showcased in China

Britain's national tourism agency Visit Britain, London Luxury Quarter and British Airways are bringing 'London Luxury. By Appointment' to China. Read More


E-Commerce Is Not Eating Retail

The recent headlines about retailing are nothing if not provocative. “Shoppers Are Fleeing Physical Stores.” “The Great Mall Exodus.” “Macy’s Confronts the Crisis of the American Mall.” They seem to bolster Marc Andreessen’s prediction that by the end of this decade “retail guys are going to go out of business and e-commerce will become the place everyone buys.” Read More


PayPal expands credit business

PayPal payments unit will expand its small business and consumer lending programs outside the US, including the UK and Australia as it aims to further fuel business growth.  Read More