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Onesend integration with Retail Express

Digital Marketing Cloud for Single Store, Franchise & Multi-Store Brands

  • 100 SMS credits provided FREE at the time of setup
  • FREE Migration Services from ANY Email Marketing Platform*
  • FREE Setup of our Retail Express Lite integration**
  • 50% Discount on 1 x Custom Theme for your Brand ($396 $198)
  • We Provides Superior Customer Service
  • We Host Your Data Securely In Australia
* Some stats and reports may not be available from some Platforms ** API access fees are charged by Retail Express

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Retail Express Integration

Retail Express is the number 1 POS Platform in Australia.
The Lite integration saves many hours of manually exporting and importing customer data
The Plus integration goes a step further and imports rich sales and purchase history, enabling deeper insights into your business and customers.

Retail Express Lite
Sync customer data from Retail Express

  • CustomerId/Reference
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Phone
  • Company
  • Loyalty Points To Date
  • Loyalty Points Redeemed
  • Loyalty Points Available
  • Date Of Birth
  • HomeWHID
  • Billing Address
  • Delivery Address
  • Date Created
  • Customer Type
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Retail Express Plus
Everything from Lite, PLUS additional purchase history


  • Order Number
  • WHID
  • Warehouse Name
  • Customer Number
  • Custom Reference
  • Order Status ID
  • Order Status
  • Date Created
  • Order Total
  • is Refund
  • is WebOrder


  • Product ID
  • Short Description
  • Supplier product ID (SKU)
  • Manufacturer Product ID (SKU)
  • Product Type Code
  • Brand
  • Carton Qty
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Season
  • Custom 1
  • Custom 2
  • Custom 3
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Onesend vs MailChimp

7 Reasons Retail Express Customers are choosing Onesend

1. Onesend is deeply integrated with Retail Express

Onesend has built deep integration with Retail Express and its customer reporting data which enables deeper insights into your business. Dynamically segment and target your customers with offers and information that are specific to your customer’s profile, leading to more sales.

2. Onesend helps you implement successfully

With MailChimp, you’re left to setup, implement and go live on your own which can be time consuming and stressful. Onesend provides a dedicated project management team and implementation service that guides you from setup to sending your first marketing campaign.

3. Onesend provides SMS messaging

Unlike MailChimp, Onesend is more than just an Email Marketing service! With our SMS messaging channel, send instant appointment confirmations, updates, alerts or exclusive offers directly to your customers.

4. Onesend is more cost effective than MailChimp

Not only are our monthly plans more cost effective than MailChimp’s paid plans, integrating Onesend with Retail Express means you will save many hours of the laborious and tedious task of exporting and importing customer data from Retail Express to MailChimp.

5. Onesend provides superior customer service

Onesend has a passionate team of highly trained specialists, ready to support and train you and ensure you get the most value from our platform. We provide local telephone support, rapid email response, online chat, training webinars, videos, and much more.

6. Onesend Support is All Australian

Unlike MailChimp, the entire Onesend support and development teams are based right here in Queensland, Australia. In fact, we are located within the Retail Express Offices with access to their wonderful support and development teams.

Typical Retail Express Customers using Onesend

No matter how you're setup using Retail Express, you can easily integrate with Onesend Lite or Plus

Single Store

(single REX Database)

Store + Ecommerce

(single REX Database)


(single & multiple REX Databases)

Onesend, trusted by these Leading Brands

100% On-Brand Themes to Maintain Brand Consistency & Integrity

Unlike most Email Marketing Platforms we don’t load up hundreds of templates for you to choose from. Instead we create a custom ‘On-Brand’ theme that adheres to your strict Brand Style Guide, and only have that theme in your account.

Look Impeccable in the Inbox

Email renders differently in every email client. When creating a newsletter template, it’s extremely important to ensure it's responsive and readable on every device. That’s why all of our themes are tested and quality assured across 70+ different email clients and mobile devices.

Use the Power of SMS Messaging to Engage with Your Customers

Instant deliverability means instant communication. With SMS messaging you can send appointment confirmations, updates or alerts directly to your customers. And with 95 per cent of SMS content opened within three minutes of being sent, it’s one of the quickest ways to get your customers’ attention.

Place Your Campaigns in the Recipient’s Inbox at Exactly the Right Time!

Our Timezone features works on 2 tiers:
Based on the timezone of the local store;
Based on the timezone of the recipient.
For example, if you set the time to 9am, a recipient in Sydney will be sent the campaign at 9am in Sydney, while a recipient in San Francisco will be sent the campaign at 9am in San Francisco.


Australia-based Support Just For You

Located in Australia, we’re here with you, in your timezone. If you ever need anything you can get help by:
(an actual 1300 number)
(an actual person, not a chatbot)
(we respond within minutes)
Knowledge Base
(text, screenshots and videos)
Franchisors and Head Office Marketing also get a dedicated Account Manager who understands your unique requirements.

Powerful Features

Brand Compliant Themes

Create themes specific to your brand and only have those themes available in your accounts. Making it a breeze to be 100% brand compliant.

Easy to use Drag and Drop Editor

At the heart of Onesend is our easy to use drag-n-drop editor. Build a template in seconds, and adjust the content easily for your campaigns!

Pushdown Campaigns

At the push of a button send a campaign out to all your franchisees contacts on behalf of the franchisee, the recipient experiences a personalised and localised message as if sent by their local store/outlet.

Powerful Web Forms

Create beautiful and dynamic webforms with our web form builder, from simple subscribe forms to complex multipage surveys and questionnaires. Easily embed your forms on website pages and social media pages.

Custom Fields

Your valuable customer data will be organised and actionable. Automatically consolidate your communication and use sales automation to drive deals forward.

Dynamic Segments

Let the customer data do the work for you, dynamically segment based on customer data, such as age, gender, or location. Use custom fields to get really specific.


Track marketing effectiveness and ROI with analytics that give you a view of the performance of your overall marketing initiatives.

Share everything!

Share all your marketing assets with your Franchisees. Templates, logos, images, webforms can all be shared easily to your franchisees accounts. Updates in the top account appear dynamically in the sub accounts.

Open APIs & Integrations

Want to sync your CRM, ERP, POS or any other software with Onesend? Sure thing! Our API will let you integrate your existing data with our platform.

Single Customer Record

Having a single point of truth is critical when building your customer profiles. We ensure you’ll never have duplicate records meaning you’ll have rich customer information for quality campaigns.

Spam Compliance

We provide a range of features that help ensure you’re compliant with SPAM laws. From built-in ‘opt out’  links, to company identity tags, we've built in the tools to keep you on the right side of the law.

Unlimited Administrators

Most enterprise platforms charge you for the number of administrators you have. We don’t. Add as many admins as you need to run your business & your marketing effectively.

Create Personalised & Localised Messages at Scale and On-Brand

At the push of a button, Head Office can send a campaign on behalf of the Local Stores. By using account level personalisation & localisation tags the recipient experiences a personalised and localised message as if sent by their local business.

Empower Franchisees & Individual Locations to "Go it Alone"

A Local Business Location can elect at any time to "go it alone" and conduct their own LAM (Local Area Marketing) with the confidence and knowledge that they have access to all shared 'On -Brand' templates and assets.

Share Marketing Assets and Collateral

Share all your marketing assets with your Local Locations. Templates, logos, images, webforms can all be shared easily to your Local Owner’s accounts using our Pushdown™ technology. Updates in the Head Office account appear dynamically in the Local Store accounts. You can easily manage which Local Store has access to certain assets by tagging their accounts. Create even further controlled access with shared folder rules

Easily Get Consolidated or Per -location Reports to Track Results and Make Better Decisions

When you Pushdown™ a national campaign to, and through, your Local Stores, you will see a consolidated table of statistics. For a more detailed view you can deep dive into each Local Store account to access more analytics. Easily export the consolidated statistics as an Excel file.

A Campaign Approval Process to Help Local Stores Stay On-Brand

Our optional campaign approval process workflow notifies the Head Office administrator of Local Store outbound campaigns. The Local Store campaign queues and upon the Head Office administrator's approval, the campaign is sent. You can be rest assured that all Local Store outbound campaigns are ‘On-Brand ‘and meet your approval.

What Onesend Customers Say