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BeaconNear ®

Harness the power of beacon proximity marketing. Create proximity campaigns in minutes with our platform and deliver them with the ready-to-use BeaconNear mobile app, or even without it.


BeaconNear Display in Hand

Leverage the power of BeaconNear® proximity data to drive mobile engagement with your Customers.

Powerful Features

Harness the power of beacon proximity marketing, understand your customer's journey and deliver them relevant information at the appropriate time in the buying cycle.

Interactive Mobile Proximity Campaigns

Create contents with videos, sounds, images, buttons in minutes using the BeaconNear® beacon content platform.

Personalised Flat Screen Display

Display personalised content on any digital screen around you. BeaconNear plugs into any HDMI/USB Screen.

Ready to Use Mobile App

Don't have your own Mobile App? No problem. The BeaconNear Mobile App is available FREE from the iOS and Android App Stores

SDK & White Label Ready

Use our SDK to integrate with your existing App or use the white labelled version of the BeaconNear App and brand as your own.

Push Campaigns

Engage your customers by sending In-App Push Notifications, SMS or Email Marketing campaigns, regardless of location.

Geofencing Campaigns

Message your audience as the enter a geographic area. Such as events, festivals, shopping centres and entertainment arenas.

Segment Targeting

Increase conversion by targeting people by their age, gender or interests, or by their previous history and activity.


Recoup lost sales by re-engaging with customers that walk away, with personalised and automated recovery campaigns.

Insights and Analytics

Learn about your customer's preferences and behaviour, adjust your campaigns to provide relevant localised and personalised content.

Build Customer Data

Collect customer's name, mobile number, e-mail address, age, gender and general interests and preferences, for highly targeted campaigns

Brand Compliant Themes

Create themes specific to your brand and only have those themes available in your accounts. Making it a breeze to be 100% brand compliant.

Easy To Use Drag And Drop Editor

At the heart of BeaconNear is our easy to use drag-n-drop editor. Build a template in seconds, and adjust the content easily for your proximity campaigns!

Retargeting Walk-Through Traffic

70% of retail walk through traffic walk out with out purchasing. With BeaconNear you can send a retargeting recovery email or sms, or add the contact to a facebook custom audience for retargeting

Turn Any Flat Screen Into A Personalised Display

Estimote Mirror can not only communicate with nearby phones and their corresponding apps, but also take content from these apps and display it on any digital screen around you. Mirror reads BLE signals from nearby compatible apps to receive content, and our rendering engine decides what to display

Sync BeaconNear with you POS to display customer information

Show your customers you care by reminding them that they have loyalty points or belong to an exclusive group or have remaining vouchers/coupons to use in store. Building loyalty is a 2 way street, give to get as they say... So it is important to remind customers that they have potential opportunites to save when they shop with you.

Business Intelligence That Gives You Clear Insight

Discover hidden insights in your data easily.

Geofence for large areas

Perfect for outdoor events, festivals, shopping centres and entertainment arenas. Message your audience as the enter the Geofenced area, and follow up with micro-location messaging as your audience interact with beacons.

White Label For a Custom Branded Experience

To quickly deploy your own Branded App - use our white label option, and you’ll be up and running in no time!

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Drive mobile engagement with your Customers with BeaconNear

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