How to turbo charge your brand marketing investment

How to turbo charge your brand marketing investment

Walking into a specialist retail discount store chain, you expect to find a variety of products, all at an exceptionally low cost. You go to that franchise knowing their promise is low cost products and that they will deliver. This is the same across all types of franchises from fast food chains to boutique gyms – customers expect delivery of the brand’s promise.

Successful franchises provide a consistent and clear product or service that meets the desires of the market. Franchises are expected to have a well resolved, consistent process and system of experience, product delivery and performance. However, the most successful franchises have one thing in common, an understanding of who they are being and always sticking to that brand guideline. These brands have a passion to deliver through a really clear and connected brand promise.

A brand promise defines the culture, attitude and performance of your brand. The clarity of brand processes and systems is important, but the delivery on your brand promise is what builds a relationship with your customer. You could follow all the frameworks and processes within a franchise system but if you forget to deliver it with hospitality, excitement and engagement, your franchise will never be as prosperous or successful as exactly the same system in another franchise, where that enthusiasm does exist.

Quite often brands are judged by the small things, not the big things. The way your employees answer the phone may have a greater impact on your franchise brand than the discounts you advertise.

A fundamental challenge for every business, not only franchises, is to step back and look at your business as a whole. How is your brand promise activate and a living thing in your business? There are two key indicators in understanding how clearly and effectively your brand promise is operating in your business: 

  1. Is your brand promise understood by all stakeholder profiles? This includes senior managers, end consumers and investors. 
  2. How could you do more to activate your brand promise? To create a distinctive experience within the boundaries of your brand language and marketing frameworks.

Every business can tap into something that can create a memory for a customer, bring that customer back or have that customer spend more – those things are human connection and passion. Understanding why you are in that business, how you express your love for it and how you let it live within the brand promise, brand system and brand personality of your franchise, is what will set you apart from competitors.

Businesses need to use their passion and connection to their brand to create an effective, engaging and clear brand promise. Connecting your brand promise to all aspects of your franchise brand and integrating it into systems and processes, is what makes a successful franchise. When every stakeholder connects, understands and remembers your brand promise, that is when you will have the greatest impact and see a greater return on your investment.

Jack Perlinski is the DAIS Creative Director  & Onesend Advisory Board Member

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