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Tips to boost your digital marketing in 2020!

The start of a new year is a great time to reassess your business direction. But too many businesses focus on profits and balance sheets, without thinking about the strategies that will best attract and retain customers. In 2020, your brand’s online marketing presence will be more crucial than ever. With January fast approaching, we’ve put together a simple checklist to ensure your digital marketing strategy achieves its new year’s resolutions.  Read More


Do Millennials Respond to Email Marketing

If you’re developing a strategy to target younger consumers, you’re probably being urged to reconsider the value of traditional email marketing.  Read More


100 Spam Trigger Words & Phrases To Avoid

Recently we have had a few clients inquire about increasing the open rate for their email campaigns. On inspecting their content we found that it had 'SPAMMY' words or phrases that the client was unlikely to recognise as a 'SPAMMY'. Unfortunately the content was legitimate and in context of our client's business, but to email spam filters the content could have been perceived as SPAM. Read More


Avoid spam filters with 5 easy steps

If your business is spending valuable time putting together email marketing campaigns, it’s important to know that your message is (literally) getting through. If it’s not, your customer’s spam filter might be to blame.  Read More