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The Line in the Sand -
A Time to Review Your Local Area Marketing Strategy

For many businesses, the running of the Melbourne Cup seems to be that invisible "line in the sand" which is an indicator that there is less than 8 weeks before Christmas. For some businesses, this means a concerted effort to ramp up their operation to ensure they complete current demand, while for others it may mean their business can "take their foot slightly off the accelerator" after such a busy year. Read More


Using Beacons to boost brand loyalty

Remember when you couldn’t buy a pack of chewing gum without being asked to join a loyalty program? Thanks to the rise of the smartphone, every frazzled customer who once had a wallet stuffed full of loyalty cards has been able to breathe a sigh of relief. But with consumers favouring apps and social media over traditional loyalty programs, brands face a challenge in keeping their customers on board. Read More