The Line in the Sand - <br />A Time to Review Your Local Area Marketing Strategy

The Line in the Sand -
A Time to Review Your Local Area Marketing Strategy

For many businesses, the running of the Melbourne Cup seems to be that invisible "line in the sand" which is an indicator that there is less than 8 weeks before Christmas. For some businesses, this means a concerted effort to ramp up their operation to ensure they complete current demand, while for others it may mean their business can "take their foot slightly off the accelerator" after such a busy year.

Generally, this can mean that there is little time, thought or planning given for what lies ahead for their business in 2020, particularly their local area marketing strategy.

As a platform that is built for LAM (local area marketing) for Local Business and Multi-Location Brands, the Directors of Epicuest believe that NOW is the best time for business owners to Boost Their Digital Business for 2020!

"Whether it's planning a makeover to your website, building a mobile app, or reviewing your current digital marketing strategy, our Digital Agency Partners along with our Marketing Platform, can help ensure you are prepared for what lies ahead within the digital arena in 2020" - says Scott Thomas, CEO & Co-Founder, Epicuest.

The Epicuest Team currently have capacity available between now and the Christmas / New Year period to assist you with the implementation of your Digital Marketing Strategy in time for the new year. 

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