The Retailer’s untapped goldmine

The Retailer’s untapped goldmine

I am amazed at how resilient, adaptive and innovative many of our customers have become over these past months in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In particular, our retail clients have managed to quickly adapt to the ‘new normal’ by ramping up their eComm presence, introduce contactless payments, contactless pickup, Click & Collect, etc, etc.  

With eComm platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and clever and innovative technologies such as stockinstore and Pointy surging in popularity, the ‘Bricks & Clicks’ strategy is well and truly here to stay. 

However, in an effort to ramp up and embrace these online sales opportunities, many Retailers are overlooking and forgetting something from their bricks & mortar store and are potentially leaving ‘money on the table’. 

Think about it for a moment, as a Retailer you’ve worked hard over the years and along the way your POS system has collected a lot of customer sales data such as purchase history by product, SKU, category, size, colour, brand, loyalty points, etc, etc. 

Your POS system should be the starting point when it comes to conducting sales & marketing campaigns and automations!  

Your POS system is potentially an untapped goldmine when it comes to building your online audience from the available rich customer-centric data! 

Brands such as INTERSPORT, Forty Winks, Spartansuppz, Paul Carroll, Johnny’s Furniture have tapped into their POS goldmine and are using Onesend for their sales & marketing campaigns and automations.  

We’re here to help Retailers with your online and in-store sales & marketing campaigns and automations. The Development Team at Onesend are POS integration specialists and have built a deep data integration with Retail Express, regarded as Australia‘s #1 POS Cloud solution as well as integrations with eComm platforms Shopify, WooCommerce and Big Commerce. 

 Shortly we’ll also be releasing integrations with Infinity POS, SwiftPOS, Kounta, Square and we’re happy to talk if your POS system is not included in this list.